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Providing Tailored Onboarding Programs

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Who are CJM?

CJM provides companies with a tailored Onboarding Program with your qualification criteria, it is aligned with your preferred sales methodology framework.

In addition to onboarding, there are a range of one-day courses, workshops, and sales skills development available to help develop your teams further.


Our Workshops

  1. Inside Sales 5-day onboarding programme (tailored not generic)
  2. Workshops/Call Roleplays/ Sales Methodology training


Why CJM?

You currently don’t provide a tailored SDR/BDM onboarding programme for your New Inside Sales team?

You’re a New Start-up company with NO enablement function yet!

Need Business Skills Development to drive consistent high-quality results.

“Ramp time” takes far too long – this needs to improve!

Your company onboarding is “Generic” not specific to your Inside Sales function.

Business is slow and you need to generate more qualified pipeline now!

You need to ramp and grow your SDR function quickly to keep up with business demands.

Your team don’t have time to train your new joiners, it impacts their own results.

Develop your Sales Team Skills so your business is proud of the quality work & Pipeline that’s created by your SDR teams.

You need to train your resellers to drive more qualified pipeline opportunities.

Benefits of Role Specific Enablement Programmes

  • Following a comprehensive structured onboarding programme. New employees feel confident, excited and ready to get started in their role.
  • SDRs understand what their role involves and what’s expected of them.
  • SDRs learn & practice sales methodology skills relevant to their role.
  • Ramp up time massively reduced.
  • Encourages motivation and confidence from their very first day live in their role.
  • SDRs will learn Best Practices, Hints & Tips & some latest Research.
  • Trained on the skills and topics required for their immediate role.

    Value to you

    • No need to employ or rely on an in-house enablement specialist. CJM will deliver a comprehensive and thorough program as and when you need it.
    • Invest in individual development plans to grow individual skills.
    • You can have the confidence & trust that your teams will learn consistently and in line with your company’s objectives & requirements.
    • Leveraging an award-winning Sales & Enablement specialist with over 25 years of experience.


      Cheryl’s contribution to Nutanix SDR, Inside Sales and Partner enablement has been enormous. I can’t recommend Cheryl highly enough. Within 2 months of joining my team Cheryl was able to turn around our SDR on-boarding efforts. After her first year she was able to get Inside sellers from new graduate, with no IT experience, to closing meetings in less than 2 weeks and beating quotas in the first quarter. She has a comprehensive approach to enabling staff in everything they will need to actually succeed in their role. Her experience in the Inside sales roles gives her the ability to take the theoretical and turn it into the practical lessons, sales aids and stories the team needed

      Paul Tempest-Mitchell

      Starting a new job during COVID times had its challenges. 

      The usual face-to-face onboarding was replaced by a weeklong virtual onboarding program run by Cheryl. This was the best training I have ever received. Cheryl was knowledgeable, passionate, motivating and very engaging.  She put me totally at ease and her patience and ability to teach me about Nutanix HCI was invaluable, as this was brand new technology to me. 

      Cheryl prepared me well, I was very excited and confident to get started in my new role. 

      Thank you Cheryl.

      Anna Kozoswist